Access to Justice

There are social-cultural and structural challenges that create obstacles for SGBV victims seeking and getting justice. These include avoiding the risk of sparking conflicts in the community, stigma among victims and their families, inappropriate use of mediation in criminal matters.

The Center for Justice and Advocacy provides pro bono legal aid services to victims of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) through legal representation for those who face criminal charges in cases where their sexual and reproductive rights are at stake.

Our Goals

  • To enhance access to quality, equitable and timely legal aid services for victims of SGBV as well as those facing criminalisation due to reproductive health related crimes.

  • To strenghtem collaboration among local and global stakeholders in SGBV cases.

  • To raise communicate awareness about SGBV, including positioning pro bono lawyers in various districts and rape centers to ensure visibility and accessiblity.