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The Center for Justice & Advocacy

Promoting access to quality and timely justice for women and girls affected by Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

CJA protects, promotes and preserves sexual and reproductive health rights of women and girls in Rwanda and addresses structural challenges that perpetuate SGBV. CJA designs and implements initiatives, adopting a rights-holders-centered approach, working with strategic partners to raise awareness of SGBV issues.

“Women's rights and their full and effective access to justice are integral parts of the overall justice system, which should exclude any discriminatory activity. Unfortunately, this has not been the case yet requirements of equality especially gender equality should be grounded in the connotation and implementation of the right to justice”.

- UN Women

Access to Justice

Providing pro bono legal aid services to victims of Sexual and Gender-based violence (SGBV).

Gender Policy Advocacy

Engaging in strategic litigation, research and policy advocacy aimed at enhancing gender equality.

Economic Gender Justice

Securing economic justice for survivors of SGBV and enabling them to make informed decisions.