Jasiri Capacity-Building Sessions. Strengthening Foundations: Day One at Jasiri

Jasiri Capacity-Building Sessions. Strengthening Foundations: Day One at Jasiri

As part of our ongoing commitment to empowering startups, our team recently visited Jasiri, a subsidiary of Allan Gill Gray Philanthropy, dedicated to nurturing promising startups. During this visit, we had the privilege of engaging with the Liyu cohort comprising 50founders in a comprehensive capacity-building session focused on the intricacies of founders' agreements. Before our visit, we developed a founders' agreement template specifically designed to address the unique needs of the Liyu cohort of founders.

The session was structured to breakdown the founders' agreement's most pivotal clauses and aspects. We covered the division and vesting of shares, the importance of intellectual property, and how to craft confidentiality and non-competition clauses to protect the business interests. We discussed decision-making processes, outlining different types of resolutions and conflict resolution mechanisms.  The training is essential to establish clear expectations and legal protections for all parties involved in a startup.

On the second day, we shifted our focus to negotiation skills, a critical component for any successful entrepreneur. This session was designed to empower the Liyu cohort of founders with the tools and techniques needed to achieve win-win situations in their business interactions. We covered the stages of negotiation, including preparation, planning, and execution, and discussed different negotiation strategies such as hard, soft, and principled. By understanding these techniques, startups could effectively manage relationships, resolve conflicts, and achieve their business objectives. Through interactive discussions, we explored real-world negotiation scenarios relevant to their startups, allowing the founders to apply the strategies in a practical context.

This session was a testament to our dedication to empowering startups and influencing the ecosystem by providing the knowledge and tools necessary for success. By breaking down complex legal concepts and fostering an interactive learning environment, we aimed to empower Liyu’s cohort of founders to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship confidently regarding the legal approach to their implication in the business.