Gatsibo District: Celebrating Partnerships - Certa Foundation Honors with Certificate of Appreciation

Gatsibo District: Celebrating Partnerships - Certa Foundation  Honors with Certificate of Appreciation

On June 14th, 2024, the Deputy District Mayor in charge of Community Welfare together with the security agencies officially opened the Gatsibo District Stakeholder Exhibition attended by 67 partners in the pillars of economy, social welfare, good governance and justice. The event showcased the activities and achievements of various partner organizations dedicated to the development and empowerment of local communities.

Certa Foundation, a key partner in the District, was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation for its outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to the partnership. As part of its mission to provide access to quality and equitable justice services, Certa Foundation has been actively engaged in Gatsibo District, implementing a comprehensive action plan tailored to the needs of vulnerable groups, especially women and children who are victims of Gender-Based Violence.

Through the Center for Justice and Advocacy, Certa Foundation has been working tirelessly to ensure that victims of Sexual Gender-Based Violence, including teen mothers, children, and women, have access to justice and the holistic support and resources they need to thrive. The foundation's efforts have significantly impacted the lives of many, fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and supportive community.

The exhibition allowed Certa Foundation's pro bono lawyer based in Gatsibo District to showcase the organization's achievements and share its vision for the future. Representatives from the Foundation engaged with community members, local leaders, and other partner organizations to discuss the challenges faced by vulnerable women and children and explore innovative solutions to address them.

This event underscores Certa Foundation's dedication to fostering strong partnerships and collaborating with local stakeholders to drive positive change in the community. It highlighted the power of collective action and the importance of community-driven development initiatives.